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    "Best Organic Problem-solver"


    "BEST ALL IN ONE CLEANSER" - The Beauty Shortlist

  • Flower Berry Essence

    Hydrating face toner and mist with probiotics and hyaluronic acid

Natural, organic and vegan skin care

What sets our products apart from many other natural brands are the complex formulas and blend of Nordic and exotic ingredients. When developing new products, we start with a problem or skin condition and then work with the ingredients to find the most effective and complete composition. This sometimes requires fermentation which is a tedious process for breaking down the molecules in the ingredients. In this process we use good microbes that are good for your skin and several of our products also contain active and live probiotics.

What makes our skin care products unique?

When we formulate new products, development continues until both our founder, Marina, and our test panel believe that the product is optimal and that it does exactly what it is designed for. This mentality has resulted in 28 international awards and 12 nominations. In 2019, we won the award as 'Best Natural / Organic Skin care Brand - Scandinavia' in the Beauty Shortlist Awards, which is also the most known award ceremony in the world, and they said the following about us:


"Marina Miracle hits that special sweet, clean, green spot where efficacy, texture, scent meets natural Norwegian ingredients. The range was a joy to discover and beautiful to use."

-The Beauty Shortlist


Our founder Marina Engervik says:

''I know what it's like to have 'bad' skin. I have atopic eczema and very sensitive skin that also easily gets acne breakouts. I have been exposed to the unpleasant side effects caused by synthetic chemicals in traditional skin care products. I found the solution in nature and people started to ask for the 'miracle oil'...''

Read the rest of Marina's story here.

Face Mask - Rosehip Peeling Mask


Face Oil - Herbal Face Oil - 30 ML


Face Oil - Herbal Face Oil - 5 ml Small Bottle


Night Serum - Amaranth Night Serum - 28 ML


Face Oil - Amaranth Face Oil - 5 ml Small bottle


Night Serum - Amaranth Night Serum - 28 ML

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Shea Hydration Mask just got better!

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Best Small Beauty Brand

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Natural Health Beauty Awards 2020 Marina Miracle Best Small Beauty brand

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