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Pure skincare - natural, organic and vegan

What distinguishes our products from many other natural brands are the complex formulas and the mixture of Nordic and exotic ingredients. When new products are to be developed, we start with a problem or skin type and then work with the ingredients to find the most effective and complete composition. This sometimes requires fermentation which is a time-consuming process for producing active and living probiotics. Testing of the product may in some cases take us over 2 years, as with our Acai Hydra Cream.

"I'm very satisfied with the products. I used to have bad skin with red, irritated lumps in about 1 years time due to stress, and after two weeks of these products I have been so much better. Recommend them to everyone!"

Recommendation from customer and retailer of our natural skin care products

What make our skin care products so good?

When developing a new product, the rule is that we continue till Marina cannot find a better product on the marked, then we launch. So far, this mentality has resulted in 10 international nominations and 7 prizes. The most famous award ceremony, The Beauty Shortlist, had the following to say about us:


"Marina Miracle hits that special sweet, clean, green spot where efficacy, texture, scent meets natural Norwegian ingredients. The range was a joy to discover and beautiful to use." -The Beauty Shortlist


We are so pleased that the products are being recognized by more and more. Here are some of our nominations and prices:


Amaranth Night Serum

Best new product of the year Winner – Organic Beauty Awards 2018

Editors Choice Winner – Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018

Winner of Damernas Värld Favorit 2017

Nominated to Best Organic Product – Stella Skjønnhetskåring 2018


Argan Night Serum 

Best Night Treatment Finalist – Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018

Best Cruelty Free Beauty Product Winner – Veggie Awards 2018


Herbal Face Oil

Winner of Best Facial Product – Swedish Health Awards 2017

Nominated to Best Product of the Year – Organic Beauty Awards 2018


Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser

Best Oil Cleanser Winner – Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Beauty Awards 2018


Shea Hydration Mask

Nominated to Best Facialmask – Organic Beauty Awards 2018


Our award-winning products can be safely purchased here in our online shop or at skin care clinics in Norway, Sweden and other countries in Europe. The products are easy to use, absorbs quickly and provides everything your skin needs, completely natural. Read our customer recommendations and switch to natural skin care you too. You're a natural beauty with Marina Miracle!

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Our products used in education for skin care therapist at Tone Lise Academy

Our products used in education for skin care therapist at Tone Lise Academy
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Marina Miracle is now at the prestigious Tone Lise Academy and will be used to teach their skin care students and also sold at the Tone Lise boutique.Tone Lise tested our...

Alexandra Maria Studio

Alexandra Maria Studio
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Alexandra Maria is an experienced and skilled skin care therapist from Portugal. She has a very nice beauty salon in Oslo along with her 6 employees.Alexandra Maria Studio is a...

The JANEY LOVES 2018 Platinum Award

The JANEY LOVES 2018 Platinum Award
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Our amazing cleanser, Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser, won an award for Best Facial Cleanser in the JANEY LOVES 2018 Platinum Award - For Natural Products and Services. The 2018 Janey...

New retailer: Grønne Gamborg

New retailer: Grønne Gamborg
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We welcome Grønne Gamborg in Lillestrøm, Norway as a Marina Miracle retailer. The skin care and beauty salon is newly opened and focuses on organic products. The salon is run...

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