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March 18 2016 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

FRI Ren pleie Marina miracle

FRI - Ren Pleie (FREE - Pure skin care) has become a reseller! They will both use our products in natural facials and sell the products in their beautiful store.

The skin care clinic combines classic skin care traditions with organic skin care products for both women, men and children. Here you will find the ultimate products in skin care for face and body! They carry only natural products without parabens, mineral oils and genetically modified ingredients. 

The clinic is run by Line who graduated from the French Cosmetic school in Oslo in 1989. She previously worked in leading salons in Oslo and has a history of 10 years as a marketing manager at one of Norway's leading suppliers in professional skin care. Line has great passion for ingredients and their properties to the skin. We are so grateful that Line and her team decided to launch our products!


Marina Miracle lanseres hos FRI Ren Pleie på Vinderen i Oslo

Marina Miracle hos FRI Ren Pleie