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Ginger Root

ginger root marina miracle

Ginger Root - Zingiber officinale

♦ Often used against nausea

♦ Soothing and antibacterial

♦ Stimulates collagen production

♦ Used as medicine

Ginger root is used both as a delicacy, medicine and spice. Ginger Root is often used as a medicine against nausea. Research also shows that Ginger can prevent the growth of cancer tumors. So this is a very useful plant that has good health effects. Ginger Root is soothing for the skin and antibacterial.

This healing herb is incredibly good for your skin. It is known that ginger can fight acne and irritated skin due to its soothing properties. Ginger Root will regenerate collagen in the skin faster, so that your skin stays young and healthy.

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