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Castor - Ricinus Communis

Thick oil that strengthens hair

○ Full of minerals and healthy fatty acids

○ Antibacterial

What is castor oil?

Castor oil (ricinus oil) is an oil produced from the seed of the castor plant. It is a very thick oil with a consistency like honey or syrup.

The oil is known to strengthen the hair because it contains a wide variety of minerals and fatty acids that are important for growing healthy and strong hair.


What is so great about castor oil?

This thick oil is a source of monounsaturated, 18-carbon fatty acid, that is, an omega-9 fatty acid. Among these fatty acids are ricinus oil acid, castor oil has a very high content of ricinus oil acid. This acid is antibacterial and therefore very effective against bacteria and fungi. This can help keep any fungi or bacteria from preventing healthy hair growth. Because the oil is also very thick, it can help prevent hair loss.

Omega 9 fatty acids are nourishing to both hair and hair follicles and have a unique ability to be deeply penetrating. This allows the oil to bring nourishment deep into the pores and hair follicles that produce hair. That's why castor oil has been praised around the world to be an effective ingredient to strengthen hair, lashes and brows in a natural and safe way.


Does castor oil help eyelashes grow longer?

The answer is both yes and no. Castor oil does not contain any substance that will cause hair to grow, but the oil has a unique ability to nourish the lashes. The lashes become fuller and stronger so that you keep your lashes that in turn provide longer, fantastic lashes - completely natural!


What is special about our castor oil?

We use a castor oil that is certified organic, cold pressed and of very high quality. This makes our castor oil particularly effective because it has a high content of these important fatty acids, which in turn provides intense nourishment to eyelashes and brows.

Our castor oil has its production in India and supports countless communities in the harvesting and extraction process and also securing safe jobs for Indian women.


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