Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

It is easy to get a wonderful feeling when you arrive at the Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden which opened in 1893. At this hotel both royal and Hollywood stars have stayed... Read More

We are looking for new distributors in the following countries!

  The brand has been growing steadily and we are now seeking new distributors in countries that we believe has a great potential and are not covered by any existing... Read More
We are looking for new distributors

Myths and facts about probiotics

Did you know that our founder, Marina Engervik, writes professional articles for the Norwegian beauty industry magazine 'Kosmetikk'? They recently published an article on probiotics that Marina has written. Here... Read More

Eyelash & Brow Serum wins award!

Eyelash & Brow Serum has won its very first award and we are very happy! The serum won the silver award as 'Best Eye Product' in the Global Makeup Awards... Read More
Global Makeup Awards Marina Miracle
Spa Aphrodite

Spa Aphrodite

Our excellent partners and franchise in Slovakia now has one of the country's most luxurious SPA hotels as their retailer. This hotel chain has 6 spa hotels, and is recognized... Read More

Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020

Marina Miracle Amaranth Day Cream has won the finalist award as 'Best New Natural Product' in Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020! Pure Beauty percents our cream:  ''This organic cream is formulated... Read More
Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020
Beauty Oscar 2020

Beauty Oscar 2020

We won a Beauty Oscar from Sweden for the second time! Our new cream, Amaranth Day Cream, received an award as 'Best Organic Problem Solver'.In 2019, our facial cleanser, Sweet &... Read More

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020

This is amazing! We won 5 awards at this year's Beauty Shortlist Awards - The world's largest independent awards for skin care and beauty products! We are so proud and... Read More
Marina miracle wins in Beauty Shorlist Awards 2020
Oslo Beauty Expo 2020

Oslo Beauty Expo 2020

A new beauty fair has come to Norway which is only for specially invited people. The Oslo Beauty Expo fair is organized by Tone við Skipá and Anne Kathrine Hansen,... Read More

Marina Miracle launched in Russia

We are proud to say that Organic Shop in Russia has now taken in our products! Organic Shop is a chain of 42 great stores. This is a fast-growing chain... Read More
Organic Stores in Russia

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