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WA2WO tested our Active Face Oil

October 05 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Jeanette Walayat, one of the largest beauty bloggers have gotten her boyfriend, Andrew, to test our Active Face Oil FOR MEN. Jeanette has even been a faithful customer of ours ever since she tested our Herbal Face Oil and Argan Night Serum in May 2014. (Read here)

wa2wo active face oil marina miracle

Photo: Jeanette Walayat /

Jeanette writes:

''Andreas has now used oil every day for the whole 2 months to test it thoroughly out and both he and I can honestly say that for the first time in eight years he is rid of all the impurities and the fat and shiny skin that he has struggled with throughout our relationship. He has always had an oily skin type where especially his forehead was very polished and he has struggled with deep pimples along the jaw. Now he has not a single pimple on the face and his skin does not shine at all. Never had we imagined that a facial oil (!) could get away impure and oily skin but yes, Marina Miracle surprise again. These products are absolutely brilliant, natural and is of course not tested on animals."

andreas wa2wo marina miracle

Photo: Jeanette Walayat /

Jeanette says Andreas has tested other skin care brands, but no one has given such good results that Marina Miracle has. Andreas experienced in the initial phase of using Active Face Oil that he got some small pimples and small eruptions. After two weeks absolutely everything of breakouts and blemishes was gone. This outbreak in beginning happened because his skin was not used to getting only completely pure oils and herbs supplied. Andreas was patient and found that the skin got healthy, balanced and smooth.

Jeanette concludes with:

'' ... Now we have both each our oil standing in the shelf and if you are wondering: Yes, I have "stolen" some of the oil for men just to test it, and don't you know it, I liked that one too ... "

Thank you to Jeanette and Andreas for a good review and nice photos!