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Alexandra Maria Studio

October 14 2018 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Alexandra Maria Studio i Nydalen Oslo forhandler av Marina Miracle

Alexandra Maria Studio er forhandler av Marina Miracle

Alexandra Maria is an experienced and skilled skin care therapist from Portugal. She has a very nice beauty salon in Oslo along with her 6 employees.

Alexandra Maria Studio is a facial and body care center that offers tailored treatments to its customers. High professional knowledge are the passion of their talented therapists and to help their customers to feel better and power their self-esteem. Alexandra Maria Studio are located in cozy premises in Nydalen, Oslo, near Storo shopping center, with free parking on the outside.


Alexandra loves our quality

Alexandra Maria tested our products before becoming a retailer and she loved them right away. She says:

''I am and have always been an animal rights defender, and always concerned about the environment. With the salon increase, I looked for a cosmetic brand that, besides having the best quality, uses the least amount of chemicals possible and in no way was tested on animals. When I tried Marina Miracle I just love the quality, and I could not believe that I have found everything I was looking for. Marina, who is a extraordinary person, helped me with all the process. It's with immense pride that now, not only do I use Marina Miracle myself, but also in the treatments that I give to my clients.''


We are proud that Alexandra Maria Studio is now one of our great retailers here in Norway!

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