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Emmi reviews our oils

December 15 2016 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

emmi snicker marina miracle review

Photo: Emmi

Emmi is a fantastic Swedish beauty blogger and she has tested and reviews two of our products, Herbal Face Oil and Argan Night Serum. This is what she says:

''I was at a beauty fair a few months ago and got a these oils with me from the natural Norwegian brand Marina Miracle. The brand is started by Marina who suffers from atopic eczema and also got acne, sensitive and irritated skin searching through products with harsh and toxic chemicals. She started to develop her own products with 100 % natural ingredients and over time family and friends started to ask for the "miracle oil" - therefore the name Marina Miracle!''


Herbal Face Oil

''A facial oil that works balancing and moisturizing on the skin, can be used as it is or as a serum both morning and evening. Contains fine herbs, jojoba oil, avocado oil, raspberry and aloe vera to be soothing agains irritated skin and eczema, reduce fine lines and give a healthy glow. It smells lovely of lavender and herbs feels nice on the skin. Sinks in quickly, balances my skin and do not irritate my skin in any way - nothing too revolutionary, but a nice facial oil! Rating: 4/5''


Emmi loves the Argan Night Serum

''This is, as the name says, a night serum with AHA fruit acid, apricot, almond, argan and evening primrose that should exfoliate, hydrate and tone the skin. In the morning your skin should feel velvety, smooth and have a wonderful glow. And I can only agree - it's amazing! AMAZING. Every time I use it I wake up with smooth, clear skin. It smells divine as well of grapefruit and tangerine, it's a pleasure to use it. I love this serum! Rating: 5/5''