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Interview in norwegian magazine Kamille

June 12 2019 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Kamille intervjuer Marina - naturlig norsk hudpleie

In June 2019, the Norwegian fashion magazine, Kamille, interviewed our entrepreneur, Marina Engervik. Here you can read the interview, translated from Norwegian:



Marina Elisabeth Engervik (30) from Båtsfjord, Norway struggled with atopic eczema and did not find good enough skin care products. She made her own oil, and now she can live off the Marina Miracle skin care products.


What is your concept about?

– I was born with atopic eczema and have always had sensitive skin. In my late teens I also got acne, in addition to eczema and dry skin. After many unsuccessful attempts at traditional skin care products, I decided to solve the problem myself. I found that some vegetable oils, herbs and plant extracts could theoretically help my skin, but I found no products with all the ingredients in it. Therefore, I made my own formula. It was the start of Marina Miracle, a natural and organic skin care series developed and made in Norway. Today, Marina Miracle products are used by professional skin care therapists, and they are also sold in our online web shop.


When did you decide to 'go for it'?

– When the first face oil made my skin fresh and nice, many asked what I had done. I told about the oil and gave it to others with skin problems. It helped everyone and the rumor spread. People started calling and wanted to buy "the miracle oil". Then I realized that I had made a product that was needed. The next day I quit my job and started Marina Miracle.


Is this your full time job?

– Yes, it is wonderful when what you are passionate about can be your livelihood. Recently, my husband Martin has quit his job to work full time with me. In addition, I have had a full-time employee for several years, and my sister works as an extra help. Marina Miracle also has franchises in six other countries in Europe, and in total we are 14 people in the team.


Do you have any tips for others walking around with an entrepreneurial sprout?

– When you start up your own business, it's always best to be two. It is so important to have a supporter, one who can help you and be there for you. I would've never managed this without my husband. Also, be positive, talk yourself up and be a fighter with a goal. My most important advice is to not just start something to make lots of money. You must have a passion that runs deeper than that. Start with something you really care about and feel strongly about. And just then you might come a long way.



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