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Interview in The Green Parent magazine

July 29 2019 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Green Parent article about Marina Miracle

Our founder, Marina Engervik, was recently interviewed in The Green Parent magazine in England. This magazine also recently had an award for natural beauty products where we won 3 awards!

Read all about the awards here.


Here is the whole interview by The Green Parent:


Meet the Maker: Marina Miracle

Marina Elisabeth Engervik is 31 and lives in Oslo, Norway with her husband and their one-year-old daughter. Her favourite place to be is in her lab researching and experimenting new formulas for her skincare brand Marina Miracle.



''I was born with atopic eczema and I have always had very sensitive skin. When I was in my early twenties I got serious skin problems with deep acne and when I treated this with products my eczema broke out. So I decided to make my own ‘medicine’ and my passion for pure oils, herbs and plant extracts was born and so was my first product, Herbal Face Oil. My skin was healed in just a month and people starting asking for my ‘miracle oil’. I understood there was a high need for natural and effective products that really did what it promised. I quit my job as a sales person and started Marina Miracle.''



''Always, always, always wash off your makeup before going to bed. When I was a teen, my mum told me that if I was going to use makeup I had to take the time to also wash it off every day. A good cleansing routine is the first step to taking good care of your skin.''



''Herbal Face Oil. I need to be able to always moisturize, without it I would not be happy on my desert island.''



''We are in a very busy period because we are expanding into other European countries, we now have franchises in six countries and we are adding more and more. I am also developing several very exciting products that I hope I will be able to launch soon.''



  1. ''Start looking for all the harmful chemicals that can be hiding in your skin care, hair care and house cleaning products, and start switching these out with green and eco-friendly products.
  2. Look for micro plastics in your tooth paste, body scrub and other exfoliating products. Remember to dispose of them in the garbage, not in the sink!
  3. And my third tip is to see if some of the products you already have can be used for other purposes in the bathroom. A great example is our cleanser, it’s a great makeup remover, but it’s also great to add to my baby’s bathwater. It turns her bath into a lovely milk that is very gentle and shooting to her sensitive and atopic skin.''