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New retailer - Oslostylistene

November 12 2017 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Oslostylistene is a new retailer of Marina Miracle

Oslostylistene our newest retailer of Marina Miracle

Oslostylistene is our newest retailer of Marina Miracle!

Oslostylistene are a salon that focuses on hair treatment and skin care treatment. They help you with how you can take care of both your hair and your skin at home. The Oslostylists provide excellent service and make all customers feel wonderful after a visit with them. In addition, they have a skilled photographer and a makeup artist who can give you a little taste of model life. 


The Oslostylistene use only natural products

Oslostylistene offer skin care treatments using only organic, natural and vegan skin care products. They adjust the treatment according to your skin type and your wishes, and they also use Marina Miracle products in their facial treatments.

This really is a salon worth a visit for those who want luxury and 100% natural and organic treatment.


Contact Oslostylistene

Enter the Oslostylistene in Helgesens gate 42E or call 484 08 858 to book an hour or click on this link to get to their contact page.


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