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What's dangerous about chemicals?


Harmful chemicals in cosmetics and creams. prohibited chemicals
We know that parabens are dangerous, but are we safe if we avoid only the paraben-containing products?
It's not that simple, today there are an incredible number of different chemicals (several thousand) with long complicated names. Here are some of the most common (and dangerous) chemicals in skin care:

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is often used as an industrial de-greaser, but also widely used in detergents and cosmetics. This chemical is known to irritate the skin and can cause skin diseases such as eczema. It has also been shown to cause cataracts in adults and inhibit proper development of the eyes of young children.

Propylene Glycol is used to provide moisture to the skin, but it is also a carrier for other chemicals, and brings them into the skin and directly into the blood. Propylene Glycol is known to be used as antifreeze. Not only is it an antifreeze, but it is being used at airports to deice planes! This chemical is one of the most common in our skin products.

Methylisothiazolinone is a synthetic preservative. It is known to be a neurotoxin. This is used in skin care products and absorbed through the skin.

BHT (Butylated Hydroxytolulene) is used as a preservative. It may cause allergic reactions and skin problems. It can also trigger the growth of cancerous tumors.

The list could be much longer, but you get our point, we urge everyone to be more cautious and mor

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