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Ingrid tests Marina Miracle

October 05 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Ingrid writes about everything from pink-girl stuff to ice fishing in the northern woods. She is a sporty girl who cares about what she eats and applies to her skin, it has to be natural and organic. She has tested many products and now she has tested our three products, Herbal Face Oil, Argan Night Serum and Eyelash Serum with good results!

Ingrid says after she has used the products every day for nearly two months:

''It's really easy to use these products. You shake the bottle, squeeze the pipette, drip 4-5 drops in the palm of your hand and massage into your face. The oil absorbes very quickly, and it feels very fresh and easy to wear.''

ingrid tester ansiktsoljer

Ingrid writes that she is very happy after this testing of products! She was very excited about how our products worked on her skin, because she had problems with blackheads and pimples. After about 1.5 months her skinis almost totally in balance! She says:

''Last week my mom commented that she thinks my skin had become so much nicer, and the same weekend my friend said exactly the same (without the two have talked to each other in the meantime). I've definitely gotten fewer pimples on the chin and forehead, and the skin is far from dry and red as it was before.''

ingrid bruker marina miracle

Ingrid continues:

''I will definitely continue to use these products. I can honestly say that this is the first time I've actually registered a distinct change in my skin when I have tried something new, and the first time I've gotten comments from others. In addition, they smell incredibly well, they are delicious to smear on and it feels very good to use natural, pure oils without any toxins.''

Thanks to beautiful Ingrid for these fine words about our products. We hope that this post will inspire other ladies to try our face oils.

Visit Ingrids blog (it's in Norwegian).