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Jeanette tested our Herbal Face Oil and Argan Night Serum

October 05 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

One of the Top 5 beauty bloggers, Jeanette Wa2Wo, reviewing our facial oil and night serum. Jeanette is also a finalist as "This year's Beauty Blog" in Vixen.

There are many who struggle with combination skin, the skin becomes both dry and oily and may have outbreaks of acne and blackheads. Many people with combination skin have trouble finding products to adjust their skin. After Jeanette used our facial oil, Herbal Face Oil, in only four weeks she noticed huge improvements in skin.


"The facial oil is just absolutely gorgeous and has given my skin the proper moisture back. I have a combined skin type with some impurities ... The oil has reduced my spots and given me a smoother and prettier skin. I saw results after just a few few days of use, which is very exciting and a bit fantastic. The dry spots on my nose and my cheeks are completely gone. I would recommend this at the very warmest to all!"

Jeanette also tested serum, Argan Night Serum, which is a night serum that both exfoliates and has lots of active nutrients that works deep the skin. Jeanette experienced good results:

" I love this serum and it's a serum I have had very good use of. My skin has gotten more glow, moisture and it also provides a firming effect." showing the product


Our facial oil and night serum are two products that complement and complete each other. Herbal Face Oil will balance and improve skin quality. The Argan Night Serum removes dead skin cells and provide active substances that helps the Face OIl to work even deeper into the skin. Jeanette concludes the review of the products with this:

"I would recommend both of these wonderful products from Marina Miracle to anyone, and to all skin types. All skin types need moisture and exfoliation and I'm going to continue using these products with my regular skin care routine for this is simply ingenious products with noble drops as I like to say. "

Jeanette has continued to be a loyal customer since the review.