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Celina Stamper tested Herbal Face Oil, Argan Night Serum and Eyelash

October 05 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Blogger Celina Stamper wrote a review on our wood products; Herbal Face Oil, Argan Night Serum and Eyelash Serum. Celina is 18 years old and mother of a sweet, little girl. She is makeup guru and working in a nursing home. A real stand-in girl who writes openly and honestly and she thinks our products are wonderful!

Celina Stamper testing Marina Miracle

She writes the following about Herbal Face Oil:

''The oil pulls into the skin, but does not feel "greasy" as many oils can feel. I have used this as a daily moisturizer, under my makeup and it has worked very well ... ''

Celina has also tested Argan Night Serum for several weeks and she says she is impressed. Every morning when she wakes up, the skin is soft and full of moisture after a night of using Argan Night Serum.

Celina also tested the Eyelash Serum:

''THIS IS AMAZING! I do not know if you remember that I had eyelash extensions? From experience I have learned that when I take the lashes off, very many of my natural lashes has fallen off and they grow slowly back. Mine was very short after the weeks I had extension, and this product was sent just at the correct time! A mixture of castor oil and Macadamia help the roots to stimulate hair growth in a natural way. My lashes has grown a lot, and probably doubled in size. Just a month later, my lashes was the same length as before! ''

celina stamper before and after picture

The picture was taken one month after using the serum every evening. She writes that the size of her lashes has doubled and that the lashes are now much stronger and finer.

Thanks to beautiful Celina for the nice words and the review!