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Celina Stamper tested Acne Fight Serum

October 05 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

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Celina Stamper has tested our Acne Serum Fight for a week now and we want to share the results with you.

"Celina writes: "Finally, amazing Marina from Marina Miracle made an Acne oil! It's called Acne Fight Serum. The oil is very similar to Herbal Face Oil in its consistency. But this oil is special for you who struggle with blemishes, pimples and outbreaks."

Celina Stamper with Acne Fight Serum

Photo: Celina Stamper /

"I experienced a difference after just one day of this oil, considering that my skin had gotten very soft, less oily and had not produced more pimples during the night."

Celina had planned to test the product in 6 weeks before she was going to write about this, but just had to share the results she had gotten already after just one week!

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