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3 Steps To Take Care Of Your Skin In Autumn

October 05 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Take care of your skin in the autumn

Do you get dry and dull skin in the cold autumn weather? The days get shorter, the temperature drops and the air becomes drier. These three factors has an influence on your skin, the skin often loses its glow and moisture at this time of year. Fortunately, there are several ways to maintain moisture in the skin. Here comes 3 of our top tips for healthy skin in the fall:

1. Exfoliate

A good scrub removes dead skin cells, followed by an exfoliating serum it really brings life back to your skin. You can easily mix your own, completely natural facial scrub by mixing: brown sugar, lemon juice and virgin coconut oil (take a teaspoon of each ingredient and mix in a small bowl). After you have scrubbed your face and washed it completely clean again, apply Argan Night Serum. The skin becomes soft and gets a nice glow!

2. Hydrate

Giving your skin good moisture at this time of year is a must for a healthy looking skin! You can use Herbal Face Oil or Acne Fight Serum (or Active Face Oil for men). Face oils contain natural oils that provides moisture and protects the skin's moisture barrier. We can say this because our face oils contain naturally high levels of lipids.

3. Water

It is very important to drink plenty of water this time of year. The cold weather extracts moisture and water from the skin, therefore the skin often becomes dry when it's cold. It is very important to drink enough water. Always carry a water bottle in your purse, so you can fill up with moisture from within wherever you are.

We wish you a lovely autumn! :)

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