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Ageless Boosting Cream - Documented Effect on Wrinkles!

April 26 2024 – Martin Engervik

Clinical testing


Ageless Boosting Cream has been scrutinized by prominent dermatologists, where the cream underwent a comprehensive clinical test - And with brilliant results! 

We tested the cream on three different aspects: Wrinkle depth, elasticity, and moisture.


Clinical testing

The test was conducted by a third-party dermatological testing laboratory in Germany, and the clinical trial was performed on 20 female subjects aged between 35-64 years, with an average age of 49 years. The subjects used Ageless Boosting Cream every morning and evening. The test began with all individuals being measured using medical instruments to determine the depth of wrinkles, elasticity, and moisture levels in the skin before the start of the test. After 14 days of using Ageless Boosting Cream, these measurements were taken again, and the values were measured once more after 28 days of use. Throughout the testing period, the subjects only used Ageless Boosting Cream on half of their faces, allowing dermatologists to compare the effects of Ageless Boosting Cream to the untreated area of the face.

100% (20 out of 20) of all women in the test experienced reduced wrinkle depth and length, increased elasticity, and moisture in the skin! These results are truly remarkable! It's exciting to see that after just 14 days, 100% of the subjects had improved skin, and these positive results increased even more after 28 days. What we learn from this is that daily use of Ageless Boosting Cream will continuously improve your skin.

Read on to delve deeper into these results, proving that Ageless Boosting Cream truly functions as an effective anti-aging cream.


Wrinkle depth 

Measured with PRIMOS compact high-res S/N 108-00041

Ageless Boosting Cream is truly a cream that combats wrinkles. 100% (20 out of 20) of the subjects experienced an average reduction in wrinkle depth of 16% after 28 days! (This is significant considering they only used the cream for 4 weeks, and based on the test, one can expect this to increase with longer use.)

Wrinkle depth Marina Miracle Ageless Boosting Cream

Elasticity and firmness of the skin

Cutometer MPA580

Ageless Boosting Cream also excelled in increasing elasticity and firmness in the skin. 100% (20 out of 20) experienced an average increase in skin elasticity of 15%.


Marina Miracle Ageless Boosting Cream elasiticity test


Corneometer MPA 5 CPU S/N 10359198; probe S/N 11284692

To measure moisture in the skin, an instrument called a corneometer is used. The measurement works by exploiting the fact that water and other substances have different abilities to conduct electricity. This separates watery parts of the skin from other materials and allows the instrument to measure the moisture level in the skin.

Ageless Boosting Cream was outstanding in increasing skin moisture! After 28 days of using Ageless Boosting Cream every morning and evening, 100% (20 out of 20) of the women experienced an average increase of 38% in skin moisture! This proves that our fantastic anti-aging cream truly delivers when it comes to building up moisture in the skin. This will also prevent further aging of the skin! Because mature skin receives all the moisture and nourishment it needs!

Skin hydration Ageless Boosting Cream


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