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Marina Miracle now launched in Hungary!

April 12 2019 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Renata and Zoltan Marina Miracle Ungarn

This is great news! Marina Miracle is now launched in Hungary and we are so happy!

Marina Miracle is expanding internationally and we are starting up franchises in several countries in Europe. It was Renata and Zoltan who contacted us.

Renata says so beautifully:

''In January this year we visited Bergen. It was our first visit to Norway. We have been in love with the beautiful country for a long time. And for a while now we have been talking about Norway all the time. We feel there was a reason we had this special feeling towards Norway.

Some time ago we began to talk more about the idea of ​​finding a connection between Norway and us. We got the idea that we could find a Norwegian product that we could present to the Hungarian market.

We felt that the right product to work with would be a natural beauty brand. I searched for the possible manufacturers and then I found Marina Miracle. Their story has touched me from the beginning and I said to my partner, Zoltan: This is the brand I want to work with! We then contacted Marina Miracle.

And I have to say that we have met very nice people, good products and I am so happy, optimistic and excited about this business opportunity!

The products are amazing! I am in love with the packaging, design and feel of them! I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity to work with the products and the people behind Marina Miracle!''

We would like to welcome Renata and Zoltan to the Marina Miracle family, who are currently a team of 14 fantastic, creative people :)