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The ultimate beauty mineral?

MSM - The ultimate beauty mineral?

Our founder, Marina Engervik, is a regular columnist in the Norwegian beauty business magazine, 'Kosmetikk' (Cosmetics). As a columnist, she shares her personal opinions, interesting information and tips on natural beauty trends and ingredients. Here is an article she recently wrote about MSM.

Marina Miracle Organic Muslin Cloth

We have had our very own muslin cloth made by Leroma Organics, in India. Every time we launch a new product, whether it is a cloth or a cream, we... Read More
Organic muslin face cloth marina miracle
Shea Hydration Mask just got better!

Shea Hydration Mask just got better!

We will always continue to make our existing products even better if it's possible. Shea Hydration Mask has been a big favorite among many of our customers, but now we... Read More

Best Small Beauty Brand

It is so amazing that one of England's largest awards in natural and organic skin care, the Natural Health Beauty Awards, has shortlisted us for this year 'Best Small Beauty Brand'.Shea... Read More
Natural Health Beauty Awards 2020 Marina Miracle Best Small Beauty brand
Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

It is easy to get a wonderful feeling when you arrive at the Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden which opened in 1893. At this hotel both royal and Hollywood stars have stayed... Read More

Spa Aphrodite

Our excellent partners and franchise in Slovakia now has one of the country's most luxurious SPA hotels as their retailer. This hotel chain has 6 spa hotels, and is recognized... Read More
Spa Aphrodite
Oslo Beauty Expo 2020

Oslo Beauty Expo 2020

A new beauty fair has come to Norway which is only for specially invited people. The Oslo Beauty Expo fair is organized by Tone við Skipá and Anne Kathrine Hansen,... Read More

Re-launch of the eyelash serum

It is almost five years since we launched our Eyelash Serum and it is used by many regular customers. The serum can be used on both lashes and brows and... Read More
Marina Miracle Eyelash & Brow Serum
Shea Hydration Mask how to video

Shea Hydration Mask How To Video

We have received some questions about how to use the new airless jar for Shea Hydration Mask. Here's a quick video showing everything you need to know. Remember to remove... Read More

Marina Miracle now launched in Hungary!

This is great news! Marina Miracle is now launched in Hungary and we are so happy!Marina Miracle is expanding internationally and we are starting up franchises in several countries in... Read More
Marina Miracle Hungary

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