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Marina Miracle Organic Muslin Cloth

January 22 2021 – Martin Engervik

muslin cloth marina miracle

We have had our very own muslin cloth made by Leroma Organics, in India. Every time we launch a new product, whether it is a cloth or a cream, we think about sustainability and make sure that the supplier of the raw materials also runs their production ethically and sustainably. This is so important for both the quality, our conscience and the environment!


Organic certified cotton

We spent a long time searching for a high quality muslin cloth which was made of organically certified cotton. After several rounds we finally found our amazing supplier in India. We really like the way they run their business and they met all our requirements for quality. Their cotton products are organic certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


Ethical and sustainable production 

Leroma Organics consists of a large group of highly skilled artisans, 25 men and 20 women. They hire their artisans based on their ability to produce the product regardless of race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, marriage or health status. If they are skilled and ethical workers, but may lack experience, Leroma Organics even have a training center where those who need extra knowledge to do the job, get the opportunity to learn this.

They practice sustainable methods when producing their products. They always reuse, remake and recycle materials whenever possible.

We are very happy to now be able to offer you our 100% natural and organic muslin cloth.


Why should you use a muslin cloth?

If you have not tried using a muslin cloth in your skin care routine now is the time!

Our muslin cloth is pleasantly soft, but also just coarse enough that you can use it to get a mild mechanical scrub. Try it together with Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser. First apply the facial cleanser, moisten the cloth with lukewarm water and massage lightly in a circular motion. The skin will become fresh and clean as you have scrubbed away dead skin cells revealing fresh looking skin.

The muslin cloth is also wonderful to use when washing off your face mask. Wet the cloth in warm water, twist to remove excess water and place it on your face. Then wash off the face mask with the cloth, repeat this until the mask has been washed off completely. Using the muslin cloth (instead of rinsing off the mask with a splash of water) will give you a new and relaxing feeling of well-being. It's incredibly comfortable, and so good for your skin. The cloth can be used every day.

Wash the muslin cloth in a washing machine from 30-60 degrees. It shrinks about 5% after the first wash, which is expected from this material. The cloth is a piece of good craftsmanship made from quality materials so you will be able to use this cloth countless times. Enjoy your all-natural Marina Miracle muslin cloth!

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