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The Beauty Shortlist 2018 selected two of our products!

March 03 2018 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

The beauty shortlist 2018 selected two of our products!

What a wonderful recognition! The Beauty Shortlist is something we dreamed of when we started 4 years ago, but it felt completely unattainable. Imagine that when we finally participated, we got 2 products on the list, both of our night serums!

In the competition there are over 600 brands of different sizes that deliver many products each so there are several thousand products to be included in the test. The test-panels use over 6 months to evaluate the products.


In the "BEST NIGHT TREATMENT" category where all types of skin care products can take part, Argan Nigth Serum was taken into the list with as a Finalist.


In the category "EDITOR'S CHOICE WINNERS" where the editors have chosen their favorites, our other night serum, Amaranth Night Serum, made the list!


We are totally ecstatic and it's really a big goal now checked off on our "bucketlist"!


You can read more about the products here: