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Winner of Organic Beauty Awards 2018

June 01 2018 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Best product of the year 2018

We went to this year's Organic Beauty Awards with 3 nominations! Our beautiful Shea Hydration Mask was nominated for the Face Mask of the Year 2018, our dear Herbal Face Oil was nominated for Product of the Year 2018 and Amaranth Night Serum was nominated for the Best new product of the Year 2018!

Today we not only celebrate 3 great nominations but that Amaranth Night Serum got off with victory! BEST NEW PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2018!


This is what the jury says about the product (translated from Swedish):

With amazing lusts and wonderful scent, which almost addictive, this fruit explosion penetrates into the depths and does the job while we sleep.

A really super-serum that leaves the skin firm and silky

Our happy agents receiving the price

Our great agents Tove Svanlind and Emma Bergqvist were in Stockholm and received the award on behalf of the Marina Miracle.

Read more about our great product here!