Advanced & effective organic Norwegian skincare


Marina miracle is advanced chemistry with active probiotics

The formulation methods we use are complex. In skin care chemistry using natural active ingredients can often be more advanced than traditional chemistry with synthetic substances. We constantly strive to achieve an effective, safe formula that gives both good results and has the right consistency and smell. We must find the solutions without compromise. This often requires both the development of new processes and innovation in the use of ingredients.


The formulation process

Our formulation processes are time consuming and meticulous. They can not be rushed because nature itself develops parts of the product during probiotic fermentation. This means that the production time for several of our products is over 2 weeks before it can go from formulation to filling and packaging.

We must also develop our own innovative processes to achieve the results we require. An example of this is our special mask used in treatments by skin care professionals, the PRO Green 7 Acid Peel Mask. This is a complex face mask formulated with a completely new method where active acids, vitamins and probiotics are encapsulated in oil molecules. Simply explained, this will prevent the skin from becoming dry or irritated during the treatment, and the skin's healthy balance is maintained at the same time as the skin is renewed.

In natural skin care, we use preservatives that are milder than what is traditionally often used in skin care. Natural preservatives are complicated to work with, and the pH balance in the product is very important. The preservatives in several of our products must be synchronized together with the living probiotic culture that is also in the product. This requires in-depth testing of stability and durability. This is one of the reasons why it takes us between 3-5 years to develop and launch a new product.


Self-grown ingredients

One of our goals is to constantly upgrade the quality of our ingredients. Even our established products are still being gradually upgraded with ingredients that are richer in active ingredients. To achieve the quality and control we want, we have chosen to grow a number of raw ingredients here in Norway. We have our own greenhouse where we grow many different sprouts, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and raspberries. More ingredients will also be added to this list over time. These ingredients are used to make extracts or plant juices that we use in our skin care products. By doing this we have full control, ensure our ingredients are of the highest quality and are sustainably produced.



Probiotics are both an important ingredient in our products and also an important part of the production. We use our own unique and active probiotic culture with live bacteria to break down the molecules into ingredients so that they are easier for the skin to absorb. In addition to this job, probiotics produce antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, peptides, AHA acids and amino acids as part of the process. A probiotic fermented ingredient will therefore have a better effect in our products than the same ingredient that has not been fermented and has not undergone this process. In addition to all the useful substances probiotics contain, our active probiotics will also strengthen and support the skin's microbiome.

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