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Large Skincare kit - For normal/sensitive/combined skin

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Large Skincare Package

Skin Type: Dry / Sensitive / Combination

In this large skincare package, you get everything you need to take care of your skin naturally at home. This skincare package is curated with products we recommend for a dry, sensitive, and/or combination skin type. If you have eczema or very sensitive skin, we also recommend this skincare package.

In this package, you will receive Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser 110 ml, Argan Night Serum 30 ml, Herbal Face Oil 30 ml, White Temptation Mask 30ml (formerly Rosehip Peeling Mask), Super Skin Food Mask 30ml (formerly Shea Hydration Mask), and a Marina Miracle cotton bag.


Does your skin need extra moisture?

You can also choose to add our Ageless Boosting Cream 50ml (for mature/very dry skin) or Acai Hydra Cream 50ml (for dehydrated/dry skin) to this package and get the cream at a reduced price. Choose the cream you want by clicking on the cream name under 'Add' and it will be included in the package.


○ Restores moisture balance

○ Provides deep hydration without feeling greasy or clogging pores

○ Smoothens the skin and provides a new glow

○ Soothes irritated and sensitive skin

See the product page of each individual product

See the product page of each individual product

How to use this skincare package:

In this package you get everything you need for your daily skin care routine. Follow these simple steps to get a great result:

Every morning:

1. Cleanse your face with Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser and lukewarm water.

2. Turn the Face Oil upside down and shake well.

3. Drip 4-6 drops in your hand and apply the oil onto the face and neck. Follow with the Acai Hydra Cream if purchased.

Every evening:

Same as the morning routine, but 2 or 3 nights scattered throughout the week use the Night Serum instead, follow with the Acai Hydra Cream if purchased.

Use the masks 1 or 2 times a week:

1. Cleanse face with cleanser and lukewarm water. First, use the Rosehip Peeling Mask; leave on for 15-30 minutes, scrubbing the skin in the last few minutes and then wash off.

2. Second, apply the Shea Hydration Mask and leave it on for 15-30 minutes before washing off. Or, leave the mask on overnight and use as a night mask (and skip step 3.)

3. Last step is to apply your face oil or serum. Drip 4-6 drops in your hand and apply the product on the face and neck. Follow with the Acai Hydra Cream if purchased.

Remember the night serum is ONLY to be used 2-3 times per week, avoiding the eye area.

See the product page of each individual product


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