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Avocado Has a Unique Anti-Aging Effect!

November 03 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Did you know that avocado is almost perfect in terms of nutrition? Avocados contain nearly all the essential nutrients that the body can not produce on its own. But best of all: the oil from avocados contain an incredible amount of antioxidants that can be used for an anti-aging effect!

Avocados have powerful anti-aging properties that you find in both the pulp and the oil from avocados. Scientists have recently discovered that avocados have good anti-aging properties that protect against free radicals. Avocados are able to penetrate deep into our cell structures and helps cells to function properly when the skin is constantly being attacked by free radicals. (Free radicals cause aging of the skin).

Here's some technical talk that explains how this works: There is evidence that avocados affect the mitochondria. Mitochondria play a very important role in the fight against free radicals. Mitochondria are the key component in our cells that supply cells with energy from nutrients. But mitochondria also has a dark side - they generate unstable substances that cause damage to both themselves and other cells. This injury has a direct impact on our aging.

Researchers have tried to find a good solution to this problem in order to reverse the damage. And they have found the solution! Guess where? In the avocado! This new discovery could truly revolutionize our view on the avocado.

Avocado oil will lighten age spots, rejuvenate and soften the skin, increasing collagen production and prevent premature aging! Do not overlook the avocado, it can be one of the most perfect foods we have on our planet. Eat avocados often and use avocado oil in your skin care routine in order to get the full effect of this gorgeous fruit!


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