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Myths and facts about probiotics

Did you know that our founder, Marina Engervik, writes professional articles for the Norwegian beauty industry magazine 'Kosmetikk'? They recently published an article on probiotics that Marina has written. Here... Read More

Mechanical and enzyme peeling

To peel the skin means to remove dead skin cells so that the new skin cells comes to the surface. Then the skin gets a fresh and beautiful glow. When... Read More
The Differences and benefits of mechanical and enzyme peeling
Marina Miracle live probiotics in skin care

Live probiotics in skin care

Probiotics in skin care are amazing! Since our launch of Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser in 2015, we have used live probiotics in several of our products. We have developed... Read More

What is the chemical nicknamed MI

You may have already read a little about the chemical nicknamed MI and the damage it can do? But what is this drug really and how serious can it be?... Read More
What is MI in skincare?
Avocado is anti aging

Avocado Has a Unique Anti-Aging Effect!

Did you know that avocado is almost perfect in terms of nutrition? Avocados contain nearly all the essential nutrients that the body can not produce on its own. But best... Read More

5 Reasons Your Face Needs Different Skincare Products Than Your Body

  Have you ever wondered why you should not use body lotion on your face or wash your face with regular soap? Here are 5 good reasons to consider swapping... Read More
5 reasons your face needs different products
4 myths about skincare

4 myths about skincare

    Skin care is a big topic and there are many myths that should be disclosed. Here are some of the myths and what is the real truth.  ... Read More

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