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Acne Fight Serum renamed to Geranium Face Oil

December 29 2018 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Geranium Face Oil flaske

Acne Fight Serum has been given a new product name and is now called Geranium Face Oil. It's just the same good face oil, just a new name.


Why change the name?

We changed the name of Acne Fight Serum first and foremost because the word 'serum' in the name was misleading as this is actually a facial oil.

We have also emphasized the ingredient Geranium in the name because the facial oil contains this wonderful ingredient which is also why the product works so well against oily and acne skin as it does.


5 cool things about Geranium


We use essential oil from the flower of the geranium plant in our Geranium Face Oil. When using essential oil from geranium you get all the good properties of geranium plus the amazing scent, all in one drop of oil.


1. Smells like roses

Geranium grows mainly in mountain areas south of Africa. Geranium is often called Rose Geranium because they smell as good and delicious as roses.


2. The botanical name of Geranium: Pelargonium Graveolens

The botanical name 'Pelargonium' is inspired by the fact that the fruit's shape resembles a stork, 'pelargos' in Greek. 'Graveolens' refers to the leaf's strong scent, 'graveolens' witch means 'strongly scented' in Latin.


3. Geranium is also used in cooking!

The geranium plant is edible and used in cooking. One can find, for example, Geranium leaves in the dish 'potpurri'.


4. Geranium as medicine

Geranium essential oil is also used medically and has been shown to help with inflammation of the body, premenstrual problems, nausea and poor blood circulation.


5. Geranium is very soothing and wonderful in skin care

Geranium is great in skin care and has unique properties to balance the sebum production in the skin, so that oily skin slows down and it can heal acne and blemishes. It is also anti-inflammatory and soothes and clears redness and irritation of the skin. The perfect ingredient for oily skin, with or without acne.


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