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Dermatologically tested

June 17 2018 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Dermatologisk testing marina miracle

Like many other brands, we have always tested our products on friends and acquaintances. This is dermatological testing and we learn a lot of this process, but we wanted to put our products to the test by one of the major test institutes in Europe and contacted Derma Consult GmbH in Germany. 



Dermatological testing is defined as a product that has been tested on skin to check for any skin reactions. Our products have now been tested under the aegis of a dermatologist. The test took place at a doctor's laboratory in Germany by a dermatologist and a pharmacist. The test was conducted on 50 volunteers between 18-68 years, men and women. The test subjects varied between different skin types; normal, eczema, allergic and sensitive skin.

The test was conducted in accordance with the guidelines of COLIPA / COSMETICS EUROPE. Because it was a study of humans, it was done with regard to the principle requirements of the Helsinki Declaration (1964) and later revisions.
During the test period, the people did not use other products in the test areas.



It's exceptional that all Marina Miracle products got top score of the test (Score 0 means no reaction). No one received any kind of reactions and the products were approved as harmless. An now all of our products are now approved by dermatologists as products that are good and safe to use for all skin types.

We got the same good result for all our products. Here is a sample of the test for Herbal Face Oil:

Dermatologisk test resultat herbal face oil marina miracle

Dermatologisk test resultat marina miracle herbal face oil