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Re-launch of our award winning cleanser!

June 21 2018 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Sweet and Creamy Oil Cleanser

Foto: Bjørnar Solberg /

Since its launch, Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser has become one of our best selling products, it has received international recognition and won the award as the Best Oil Cleanser in the Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Beauty Awards 2018.

Now we re-launch our Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser with new and better packaging. It still has the same great natural formula, it just comes in a new bottle. When working with completely natural products, the question of shelf life becomes important. And now that we produce in a much higher quantity than when we started up, we also need to increase the shelf life of the product. Of course, we would not do anything about the actual formula of the cleanser, because it's perfect as is, and we also want to continue to keep the cleanser completely natural. We solved this by replacing the bottle and in that way the cleaner has even better shelf life. The new bottle is a dark green 110 ml air-less pump bottle. Air-less means air-free. The bottle keeps the product away from air, thus keeping the product shelf life longer when it is in an airtight container.


New and better pump

Many of our customers pointed out about the old bottle that they did not get the last product in the bottom of the bottle out and that it always was some product left in the bottle. This problem is now resolved and the new bottle is good to pump off and you get all the product, nothing is left inside the bottle. This gives you every drop of cleanser you pay for and nothing goes to waste.

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