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Marina Miracle Hungary

Marina Miracle now launched in Hungary!

This is great news! Marina Miracle is now launched in Hungary and we are so happy!Marina Miracle is expanding internationally and we are starting up franchises in several countries in... Read More


In this year's largest award program for beauty products, The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019, we won 8 awards in different categories! Our best-selling facial cleanser got the total of 3 of the... Read More
Marina miracle Beauty shortlist awards
Geranium Face Oil bottle

Acne Fight Serum renamed to Geranium Face Oil

Acne Fight Serum has been given a new product name and is now called Geranium Face Oil. It's just the same good face oil, just a new name.   Why... Read More

Who's who in Green Beauty Scandinavia

Natural Products Scandinavia - The Nordic region's largest health and beauty trade fair recently had an awards for 'Who's Who in Green Beauty Scandinavia 2018', where they had a top... Read More
Whos who in green beauty Marina Engervik
Tone Lise akademiet Marina Miracle forhandler

Our products used in education for skin care therapist at Tone Lise Academy

Marina Miracle is now at the prestigious Tone Lise Academy and will be used to teach their skin care students and also sold at the Tone Lise boutique.Tone Lise tested our... Read More

The JANEY LOVES 2018 Platinum Award

Our amazing cleanser, Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser, won an award for Best Facial Cleanser in the JANEY LOVES 2018 Platinum Award - For Natural Products and Services. The 2018 Janey... Read More
Best Facial Cleanser in the The JANEY LOVES 2018 Platinum Award
Marina Miracle franchise Czech republic

Franchise in Slovakia

Marina Miracle is now launched in Slovakia. It was Tereza and Miroslav who contacted us because they wanted to work with our products and launch Norwegian, natural skin care in... Read More

Re-launch of our award winning cleanser!

Foto: Bjørnar Solberg / Since its launch, Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser has become one of our best selling products, it has received international recognition and won the award... Read More
Sweet and creamy oil Cleanser - Foto: Bjørnar Solberg
Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested

Like many other brands, we have always tested our products on friends and acquaintances. This is dermatological testing and we learn a lot of this process, but we wanted to... Read More

Marina Miracle launched in the Netherlands and Belgium

Marina Miracle is now represented in the Netherlands and Belgium. It was Hanne and Joost from the Netherlands who contacted us. Hanne wanted to take a unique and natural skin... Read More
Hanne and Joost marina miracle

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